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Magic - Where's Your Head At?

Podcast Magic - Where's Your Head At?
Podcast Magic - Where's Your Head At?

Magic - Where's Your Head At?


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  • Episode 10: James Arthur
    In this episode we're joined by James Arthur, someone who has been very open about his struggles with depression and anxiety, who's also had a rocky ride with social media but above all this, is one of our most successful male recording artists to date. James tells after a difficult time, how he came through the other side and now manages his mental health on a daily basis. James starts this conversation by covering his own experience, in particular his battle with social anxiety.
  • Episode 6: Eyal Booker
    In this episode we're joined by Eyal Booker - who like some of our other podcast guests found fame very suddenly after appearing in Love Island in 2018. Eyal talks about how he's dealt with life afterwards, and that he doesn't believe it was the duties of the Love Island producers to make sure he was ok. Also, why he avoids reading comments on social media - and how his family and friends have supported him along the way. Eyal starts the conversation by delving into his own personal experience with his mental health and how he finds it's similar to keeping his physical health in check.
  • Episode 9: Dr Alex George
    In this episode we're joined by Alex George - also known as Dr Alex from Love Island 2018. Since the show finished Alex has gone back to being an A and E Doctor but has also been using his fame to highlight physical and mental health issues he feels strongly about. Alex also suffers with anxiety, which he says goes back to his days of med school - and was triggered again by the sudden notoriety and life changes after coming off Love Island. Alex starts the conversation sharing perspective on his mental health.
  • Episode 8: Megan Barton-Hanson
    In this episode we're joined by Megan Barton Hanson. Megan is one of the most famous faces from Love Island 2018. She left coupled with Wes but faced severe backlash over her changed appearance and so called 'muggy' behaviour in the villa. Behind all the headlines, Megan has been struggling with depression and anxiety since she was 13. Megan talks about her journey with mental health, the lowest point in her life and how she put a brave face on for Instagram after she split with Wes when in reality she was heartbroken. Megan starts the conversation looking back on when she first started recognizing her negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Episode 7: Ferne McCann
    In this episode we're joined by Ferne McCann - famous for appearing in TOWIE - but in recent years her personal life has taken centre stage. At three months pregnant, the father of her child was convicted of an acid attack and is now in prison. Ferne talks about her struggle with paranoia and anxiety. How being on TOWIE and the drama surrounding her ex - has contributed to her mental health. Ferne also explains the help and comfort she found in therapy and the joy of being a mum to her beautiful daughter Sunday. Ferne starts the conversation exploring what trigged her paranoia.

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