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Can He Do That?

Podcast Can He Do That?
Podcast Can He Do That?

Can He Do That?


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  • Check out The 7
    On The Post’s new podcast, "The 7," host Jeff Pierre takes you through the seven most important and interesting stories of the day. It's a way to get caught up in just a few minutes. It comes out every weekday at 7 a.m. Check it out today, then find and follow "The 7" so you're set for the new week!You can also read "The 7" here.
  • So… can he do that?
    More than five years later, what’s the answer to: “Can he do that?” What major lessons have we learned about the stability of our democracy and the limitations on presidential power? How have our systems been tested and how have they endured those tests?Related reading and links Trump, 2024 and the fragility of American democracyBiden’s struggle to tackle ‘four historic crises’ at onceAmerican democracy in ‘Peril’
  • A message from Allison
    Allison shares some news about the future of the show. Plus, a request to hear from listeners. 
  • “Broken Doors,” Episode 1
    An unusual warrant. A pattern of questionable no-knock raids. A reporting thread that just kept going. “Broken Doors” is a new investigative podcast series from The Washington Post. Hosted by Jenn Abelson and Nicole Dungca.
  • Is ‘defund the police’ dead for Democrats?
    Can Democrats clarify messaging on police reform? With states and cities taking police reform matters into their own hands, does the president run the risk of losing the support of the communities that played a huge part in getting him elected? Related reading and episodesBiden’s evolution on criminal justiceBiden makes his midterm message clear: 'Fund the police’The potentially dangerous politics of ‘defund the police’ for Democrats

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